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Irene Donnell

Irene Donnell
Irene Donnell is the social media marketing specialist at P5 Marketing. She is the author of three eBooks on social media success and a workbook that allows companies you apply her methodology. Her talk “Social Media Sorcery – How Social Media and SEO Together Are Magic” was one of the best-attended talks at WordCamp LA in 2017 and WordCamp Riverside 2017.
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Recent Posts

The Secret to Yelp - Do Not Buy Ads (Yet)

By Irene Donnell | Aug 14, 2018

In my opinion, Yelp sells ads prematurely . In fact, as a company, if they would guide businesses to more successful strategies, rather than hound them (client's words)  to buy ads, they could be far more successful at selling ads.So, let's get it said. If you have no reviews or only a few, ads are a waste of money. Sorry, Yelp but I've never...

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Facebook is Putting the Social back in Social Media – How This Affects Business Pages

By Irene Donnell | May 16, 2018

I’m all for putting the social back in social media. After all, social media for business is not about hardcore direct sales. It’s about building relationships, trust and a brand that people relate to. It turns strangers into friends and buyers.

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The 3 Stages of Social Media - How To Identify Yours

By Irene Donnell | Apr 16, 2018

Have you ever talked to anyone that knew there were stages to social media, let alone what stage their business was at? It's time to reveal this simple concept to help business owners get a leg up on their social media marketing. So, read on and find out what you can instantly do to adjust course on your social channels and get results!

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Why Social Media Fails

By Irene Donnell | Apr 05, 2018

Why Social Media Fails (sharing our trade secrets)

Over the years, we've developed social media strategies for many different types of businesses and helped our clients train their staff on these techniques.  We have a learned a few things about why social media fails. In that time, we noticed a number of common mistakes that businesses tend to...

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5 Surefire Tips - How to Use Inbound Marketing to Generate Real Estate and Business Leads

By Irene Donnell | Apr 26, 2016

Let me give you some impressive stats before going into how to use inbound internet marketing to generate real estate leads.According to the US Census, 50% of current homeowners plan on purchasing a new home in the next five years. Think about it. That statistic means half the people you know right now plan on buying or selling a home soon.So,...

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