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We all know that "cold calling" is the wrong term.  Social media and the research tools available today like LinkedIn and Crystal make it "warm calling."  It is still unnerving to many.  I was uncomfortable with connect calls no matter the temperature.  Once I made 40 calls, it got a lot easier to make those calls.  I even began to look forward to the call as I did my research.

However, I ran into a problem.  My targeting was too general.  I wasn't able to deliver enough industry experience. Also, I didn't have customer successes stories I could relate.  What I felt was missing was being able describing to my prospect the types of clients we served.  Then, to be able to have the prospect "get" that I was talking about their exact circumstance.

Defining your target audience with a positioning statement has other benefits.  You can design your website and position your content, so your lead understands you know them.

Being able to tailor the website experience to your target audience sets you up to be able to hit it out of the park.

A focused positioning statement gives you confidence.    You have even more confidence if you are speaking to a chosen target audience.  You will have a commonality of experiences.  You will have references from their industry.  You have credibility with the person on the other end of the conversation; right out of the box. 

Contrast that with trying to sell someone with whom you have no shared experiences.  No references.   Un-connected sales calls are harder, way harder than having the right target audience with whom you can connect.

Time for a quick reality check.  Most agencies have a broader set of customer than that "ideal" narrow target audience.  In the future, we can target a smaller audience than those who we currently serve today.  That's what we are doing in our agency today.  We used to have a broad base of clients.  Today, we target companies with $2 million in sales. Including, mechanical equipment manufacturers, infopreneurs and SAAS companies in the B2B space. 

Even this amount of focus makes outbound calling that much more comfortable.   We are more confident in dealing with our base of experience.  Confidence translates into better connect calls, more connect calls and more closed deals.

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Robert Donnell
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Robert Donnell

Robert Donnell