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The Gift of Perfect Timing in Real Estate Marketing

By Robert Donnell | Apr 11, 2016

Most salespeople, myself included, wonder about the role of timing in the sales process. We sent an email five days ago. No response. Should I call? Should I wait? Should I email again?

The gift of perfect timing is knowing when our customers and prospects:
  • When they opened your email
  • Downloaded something from the website
  • Visited your...
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Inbound Marketing for Dummies?

By Robert Donnell | Apr 05, 2016

There is no such thing!

There are bunches of articles with seductive titles like: "Five Easy steps to good X". That type of headline encourages a higher than average amount of downloads. Why? We are all looking for an easy path to success. Unfortunately there rarely is one. 

Often the five easy tips read like this:Five easy Steps to flying a...

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Three Areas Where Real Estate Marketing Can Stop Profit Loss

By Robert Donnell | Mar 30, 2016
These are the three areas real estate agencies lose potential clients and  leak profit:
  • Most websites fail to capture 98% of incoming traffic
  • Marketing campaigns require 8-10 contacts - campaigns are stopped too early
  • Creating referrals and repeat customers is easier and less expensive than creating new ones



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How Important is Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents?

By Robert Donnell | Mar 22, 2016

Social media is a must today.  It has been that way for a few years. Many business people had done well using social media as part of their marketing. 

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Content for Real Estate – the New “Secret Weapon”

By Robert Donnell | Mar 21, 2016

There is a change in the role and importance of content on real estate websites – a big shift. At least, that’s true for the more successful sites. Today, content for real estate agent is your "secret weapon". It’s not just about what you sell or how great your SEO is. Or, even how user-friendly your site is to visitors. Not even how good the...

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Building Your Brand - How Important for Real Estate Professionals?

By Robert Donnell | Mar 21, 2016

Building your brand as a real estate professional is a big job.  This job takes time and is worth doing if you're serious about your career. 

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3 Simple Rules - SEO for Real Estate Marketing

By Robert Donnell | Mar 15, 2016

SEO for real estate marketing is an interesting topic.  No wait!  Give me a minute and can explain.  Before your eyes glaze over, It is a broad and complicated topic, but it doesn't need to be. Plus, good SEO lets you reach prospective buyers when they are on the Internet 24/7.

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Inbound Marketing for Real Estate

By Robert Donnell | Mar 08, 2016

inbound marketing for real estate professionalsAnyone who who has been in real estate for at least ten years can relate to a series of prospecting "rules".  You have to make so many calls every day to be successful.  Dialing for dollars was the way to go.  You invested in ad campaigns, worked your clients for referrals.  You...

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Confessions of a Digital Marketer - There are no one piece puzzles

By Robert Donnell | Dec 22, 2015

Solving a jigsaw puzzle with a single piece is difficult.The same is true of digital marketing and sales. Digital marketing and the Internet seemed to evolve one piece at a time.For many business owners, the scenario evolved over time in the press and business articles as a series of fad-like moves. When the Internet achieved critical mass, it...

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Digital Marketing is Growing Faster than You Think

By Robert Donnell | Dec 14, 2015

The amount of information being shared, viewed and engagedwith digital marketing is growing, FAST!

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