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The Foundation of SEO

By Robert Donnell | Jan 22, 2013

Think of search engine optimization (SEO) as a powerful magnet to attack customers to your website organically. To do that, SEO needs a good foundation and requires an ongoing strategy to be most effective. The more we work with client's SEO, the more convinced we are that the core code plays a significant role beyond that of META Titles, META...

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5 Steps Great SEO

By Robert Donnell | Jan 22, 2013

The most important objective of any great SEO campaign or strategy is to be found by people searching for what you have to offer. 80% of search traffic online comes to websites from organic ranking. Organic ranking is achieved with SEO.

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Blogging is a key component of Inbound Marketing success.  This blog illustrates our own commitment to this valuable process.  This is us "eating our own dogfood".

From an SEO Marketing perspective a blog serves multiple purposes:

  • Fresh content on a periodic basis
  • Content that supports cornerstone content
  • Reinforces strong site architecture
  • Using category pages as landing pages
  • Helpful content for readers

We hope you enjoy reading these blogs as much as we enjoyed writing them.  As you move around the site, it is important to notice that our menu items link to a cornerstone page.  The blog categories support the cornerstone pages.  Each blog in the category tells the readers more about the cornerstone pages and helps the reader learn more about the cornerstone topic.  All of this supports site architecture, makes our content clear to the search engines and to our readers!