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7 Essential Reasons to Add the Term "Considered Purchase" to Your Marketing Vocabulary

By Robert Donnell | Apr 05, 2019

The term considered purchase relates to the amount of research, a potential customer engages in before buying.  The amount of research undertaken is typically proportional to the size of the purchase. In other words, you would do a lot more research for a $1000 purchase than you would for the $2 purchase. Right?

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Sales and Marketing the Chicken or the Egg?

By Robert Donnell | Nov 27, 2018
Which discipline leads the charge?  Is it sales or marketing?  I came up the ranks with sales then moved over to marketing after holding several sales and sales management positions.  I also have two post graduate degrees which involved an MBA and marketing studies.  This is relevant because there has always an argument about who leads the...
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Inbound Marketing for Small Business - Accelerate Your Revenues

By Robert Donnell | Apr 22, 2018
I have a promise for you. This is not just another article on Inbound Marketing. It contains TIPS and resources that you can use to make your small business marketing more effective as soon as you finish reading. So read on and learn one or two new things that can boost your business results.
Inbound marketing has been around for a few...
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SEO in Five Easy Steps

By Robert Donnell | Apr 16, 2017

SEO in five easy steps. There is no such thing!

There are bunches of articles with seductive titles like: "Five Easy Steps to Good X". That type of headline encourages a higher than average amount of downloads. Why? We are all looking for an easy path to success. Unfortunately there rarely is one.

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Blogging is a key component of Inbound Marketing success.  This blog illustrates our own commitment to this valuable process.  This is us "eating our own dogfood".

From an SEO Marketing perspective a blog serves multiple purposes:

  • Fresh content on a periodic basis
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  • Reinforces strong site architecture
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  • Helpful content for readers

We hope you enjoy reading these blogs as much as we enjoyed writing them.  As you move around the site, it is important to notice that our menu items link to a cornerstone page.  The blog categories support the cornerstone pages.  Each blog in the category tells the readers more about the cornerstone pages and helps the reader learn more about the cornerstone topic.  All of this supports site architecture, makes our content clear to the search engines and to our readers!